Sex and Aging

Fantasies and beliefs of how we would like to enjoy our sexuality are revealed as we approach later life. We all fear that they will not be able to experience what we have dreamed about since childhood!

It's not surprising, therefore, that we begin to fear aging as we approach our late thirties, and especially as we arrive in our fifties. We don't feel as spry as once we used to, and the media would have us believe that sex is only for the glamorous and youthful. This is a depressing myth I'd like to help you to crush.

I understand these feelings but our human passion and desire for sex does not leave us as we age. Rather it matures along with us. I've been in practice for many years, and have helped many people regain access to their latent sexuality as they age.

I provide a compassionate, experienced and scientifically-founded approach to overcoming these myths, thereby rewarding my client's with a lifelong ability to achieve sexual satisfaction both alone and with a partner.

This requires hard work, of course, but with patience and commitment you can recover those passionate feelings of your youth and find new ways to express them.

If you feel that you might need help to get the spice back into your life, and that of your partner, I encourage you to contact me.